reception music

We knew a fair number of our guests wouldn't want to dance much (or at all), so we chose some music that was good for dancing, some that was important to one or both of us, and some just to be silly.

Cocktail Hour Music

We didn't really have a cocktail hour, but this was the playlist we started after the ceremony, while we took family pictures. We chose most of the songs as a nod to the Roaring Twenties flavor of our venue and attire. (Family pictures went quite quickly, so we wound up pausing this playlist, moving on to the second one, and picking it up again after the next playlist finished.)

Reception Part 1

This was our music from our first dance until time for toasts! We started with swingy music for our first dance and a few songs afterward, then filled the rest of the list with a smattering of songs from the past.

Reception Part 2

From cutting the cake until last call. This list was a mix of songs that are frequently heard at wedding receptions, a request from Tracy's father, and ones we just wanted to play.